Need to slow down or do life differently and don’t know where to start or how to get there? Then read on…

  • Self-Paced "12 Week" Coaching Program including the following modules:
    • Where are you at?
    • What are your values and strengths?
    • How fulfilled are you?
    • A current week in your life
    • A new week in your life
    • Giving yourself financial space
    • Developing your goals and strategies
    • Finding your motivation
    You'll receive the complete series of eworkbooks containing instructions, inspirational posts and templates for you to work through your own life change process.

    Base pricing is in USD - please use currency switcher to convert to pricing in your own currency.

    Conditions of Sale

    The program is not available for transfer to other users (unless multiple copies purchased).  Your support very much appreciated.  Note: pricing is introductory and may be increased in the future.
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