Life change isn’t easy.

You want to learn to live differently, adjust your life to new circumstances, unbusy yourself and gain freedom.

But you may not be exactly sure how to get started or, financially, how to sustain yourself whilst you transition.

So you might need help from the Freedom to Choose online coaching program.

An affordable alternative to conventional life coaching designed to help you love your life again.

Find out about the program below….

Using my change management expertise and what I have learnt from adapting my life as a result of chronic illness, I have developed an online coaching program for those who seek to slow down and/or live life differently.

If you feel you need that little bit of help finding your way to a better life and want to do it under your own steam then this program will be just for you.

  • 5 modules that take on average 12 weeks to complete

  • 40 page editable booklet containing instructions, inspirational posts and templates for your own reflection

  • Membership of Facebook coaching group for added support

  • Group coaching support via Messenger chat group

  • Option to purchase 1:1 coaching support from me (Jayne Bailey)


In late 2014, I fell very ill and discovered I had a chronic health condition.  Since then, I’ve had to completely change my life.

When I got sick, it took a long time to realise and adjust to the fact that my future working and social life would need to look very different.

Today, I work much less and from home and we live smaller and more simply.  Life is still evolving.  It’s different.  But it’s good different.

More about the program!

As a neuroscience trained coach and experienced change management consultant, I will share a variety of techniques with you to reflect and identify the new goals for your life. You will also join a Facebook coaching group and Messenger chat group comprising others who have participated in or are currently completing the program.

The overall basis of the program is about positivity – what you can do to give yourself more choice in your life, not what you can’t.

By the end of the program, you will have done a heap of reflection and developed some goals and an action plan to start to make change in your life.

The Freedom to Choose program has inspired me to get back on track!
The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make to my life.
How it was structured made me focus on the things that really mattered to me. I feel it has supported my personal growth and development.
Jayne has a pragmatic approach that is upbeat and positive.

Program modules

  • Where are you at?

  • What are your values and strengths?

  • How fulfilled are you?

  • A current week in your life

  • A new week in your life

  • Giving yourself financial space

  • Developing your goals and strategies

  • Finding your motivation

How does it work?

You pay once, get the program and away you go! There’s no login process and no on-going subscription costs. You’ll get a 40 page ebooklet to download with all the information and templated exercises in it for you to keep (either purchased in one go or in 5 bite sized parts).  All you need is a PC and some quiet, reflection time.

What will you get out it?

You’ll get focus back on you – your strengths, your values, what you want out of your life, how you want a typical day in your life to run, how you can rein your finances in to support your new life and some potential options to achieve the change you seek – all identified by you! Plus you’ll define your plan of action to make it happen!

If you need that little bit more help, there’s also an option to purchase some regular personal guided email coaching support from me as part of the package.

The Facebook group and Messenger chat group are also available to everyone who purchases the program and are an opportunity to receive added encouragement and to share in your discoveries.  I manage both of these groups and see them as good support mechanisms for those going through the program.  You may also choose to join the Facebook Group without purchasing the program.

Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with the program within two weeks of purchasing, I’ll refund your payment 100%.

DIY Self Paced Program Only

$60 USD or Make an Offer

Buy the program and complete it under your own steam!

This program is normally valued at $150 USD!!

Join the Facebook coaching group

Receive group coaching support via Messenger

Option to purchase 1:1 coaching support from Jayne Bailey

Purchase DIY Program Now!

Bundle Deal – Program + 1:1 Coaching Support for 12 wks

$425 USD or Make an Offer

Buy the program and complete it under the guidance of your personal coach, Jayne Bailey.

4 x 30 min Skype sessions and unlimited email/Messenger 1:1 support for 12 wks.

This program is normally valued at $860 USD!!

Join the Facebook coaching group

Purchase Package Deal Now!

Prefer to Pay As You Go?

The DIY program has also been broken down into 5 bite size parts to make purchasing it that little bit easier for those of you who would like to spread out your payments.  Pricing starts at $10 USD per module.

Pay As You Go

Contribute to DINET

Note: I’ve also started advertising a very limited number of the DIY self paced programs on eBay where 20% of the proceeds of my eBay sales go to the Dysautonomia Information Network (DINET).

Go to eBay

So if slowing down or doing your life differently is what you need or you simply want to focus your life back on the things that are important to you, then what are you waiting for?

Give yourself a helping hand. Give yourself Freedom to Choose a better life…


Looking for some inspiration in the meantime?

Check out my blog where I write articles on personal change along with my journey with chronic illness.

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