Are you a CEO, CFO or HR Director? Are you questioning if your operating model is still fit for purpose? Have you expanded quickly, inherited misaligned teams, seen inefficiencies creep in or have you adjusted your strategy and found your people are no longer aligned structurally to match the new requirements. Wherever you are, The Change Place works with you to review your strategy and business model and to determine if a change to your operating model is required. We will then work with you to prioritise the areas that need to be addressed, design what is required and then support you in making the changes.

We use the framework below to guide us in our thought process:

Operating Model Framework

Here are some of the questions we will seek to answer in helping you get it right:

  1. What’s your current and future service proposition and how are you performing?
  2. Where is value created in your organisation and how have you organised your people and teams around that?
  3. How effective are your teams in delivering that value? How are accountabilities and organisational processes aligned to delivering value?
  4. What’s the structure and cadence for making organisational decisions and governing performance, how effective is it?
  5. What cultural elements are important to you in delivering on your strategy and business model?
  6. What are the core competencies and capabilities that are central to your success?

Once we get a steer from you and can develop the overarching operating framework we will help you determine how much change is required to your organisation structures, roles, accountabilities, KPIs, talent and/or processes to deliver on the requirements. The skills we bring include a commercial and process-based approach to the problem, an ability to co-design a solution with you that meets your strategic and cultural requirements and then, bringing our change and HR expertise, we will help you develop a pragmatic and easy approach to implementing the changes. Our approach is very much to break the implementation down into bite-sized chunks in order to limit levels of distraction and productivity risks as you move through the change.

If you would like a discussion about where you may need help, please call Jayne Parker at The Change Place for a confidential discussion on 03 9010 5434.