Jayne Bailey (Director)


Jayne’s skill is in making change happen.

Prior to becoming a consultant, she worked in HR, organization development, operations and project change leadership roles for a variety of organisations.  Roles included improving service delivery, designing new operating models and leading teams in transitioning to new ways of working. She has worked at a PMO and change program level, managed teams of Change Project Managers on process and technology projects and she has also delivered a variety of engagement, culture and capability improvement solutions for organisations.

Jayne is the creator of Change Leader 360.  This is a unique assessment, coaching and development program and set of products for Change Leaders to understand the personal behaviours they bring to the table and improve how they lead change with their teams.  She has partnered with The Coherence Group to bring these products to a range of organisations.

In more recent times, having been diagnosed with a chronic health condition (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia), Jayne has undergone significant life change in how she participates in the workforce.  She has successfully adapted how she works and undergone what she considers to be somewhat of a personal transformation!  She now advises others in similar predicaments on how to reinvent themselves, start up their own businesses in new fields and to find ways to take a load off!  She developed her Freedom to Choose online eworkbook as a way to help people get started on this process and also offers advisory support on a selective basis.  Jayne writes about her experiences on her blog, The Daily Manic.  She is also a guest writer for Thrive Global.