Welcome to The Change Place, the home of Change Leader 360 and the Freedom to Choose Life Change Program.

Founded by Jayne Bailey, The Change Place provides online training in change leadership to leaders, organisations and individuals wanting to make change.

Our expertise is helping you become a “rockstar” in leading change.  Our aim is to make change leadership training and skills development affordable and accessible for everyone.  That’s one of the reasons why we’re now pretty much online!

Through Jayne’s own personal experience navigating health challenges whilst still wishing to work, we’re also experts in providing work life transition advice to anyone seeking a change of tempo or with a need to do something entirely different.

Whatever your situation, we work in partnership with you to help you to define the vision you are looking for and the change path to get there.


We help you lead better change...

by focusing on how you lead your team and building your change leadership behaviours.

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We are experts in work life transition...

helping you slow down, work differently, do something new and make important change in your life!

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We’re here to make a difference and we’re confident that’s what you’ll remember us for.  For example, here’s what some of our Change Leader 360 Program clients are saying:


“Such a different and practical approach compared to other development I have had in this area”
“Exciting, insightful, very engaging, facilitated a higher and deeper level of awareness”
“I have seen behaviours change for the better since The Change Place was introduced”